Hybrid PoW / PoS Cryptocurrency
A reliable crypto unit is provided with a limited issue and a real turnover of developed infrastructure funds.
Instant and secure P2P transactions.
BriaCoin is different from many cryptocurrencies. What do you ask ...

We proclaimed the concept “MAN-BANK”, where each member of the Bria-community receives a reward for the transaction, without producing new coins.

More transactions - More Network - More commission - Higher rate

Briacoin provides dual Proof-of-Stake algorithm (PoS), proof of share or amount, the coin is mined by time and quantity. PoS generation of new coins is easy to use and does not require large computer resources. The second algorithm on the network is Scrypt, which provides fast transaction processing. BriaCoin can be mined using processor resources, video cards and Asic miners with support for the Scrypt algorithm, while the generation of new coins provides only PoS. Miners take a commission from transaction processing, without creating new coins.

Briacoin is built on the principle of “hard” currency, the number of coins is limited to 3,000,000, and the PoW premine for launching the PoS algorithm is only 1% and amounts to 30,000 coins, some of which are allocated for primary emission, launch of the PoS algorithm, maintenance the work of the main nodes of the network, ensuring the operation of its own platform of smart contracts, conducting Bounty and Ico campaigns.                             
To participate in further PoS generation of Briacoin, you need to purchase Briacoin from available Exchanges or get coins within Marketing Briastorm. Received coins must be on the owner’s balance sheet within 7 days and receive 120 Network confirmations.                             

An innovative advertising network of goods and services based on blockchain technology, in which Briacoin serves as a unit of account and for the conclusion of smart contracts, has an active community and developed infrastructure.                                                     
Briacoin has limited emissions and high growth potential due to its capabilities, belonging to the class of low-risk digital assets.                                                     

BriaCoin works with many services and projects. Cryptocurrency exchanges. Payment systems and exchange points. Advertising services. Game projects.                                                     

Briacoin provides the fixation of the primary relationship between the client and the system. It is in the Briacoin blockchain network that the primary and main smart contract is created.                                                     
For BRIA you can buy any goods, including the ZH.cash master node on the CPA market or pay for the contract. For BRIA, you can replenish the balance of your account (conversion to USD at the average exchange rate). BRIA is freely traded on exchanges and changes at electronic exchange points.
Open blockchain network data:
Crypto-currency: BriaCoin [BRIA]
Founder: BRIASTORM tm
Year of Foundation: 07.12.2016
The maximum number of coins: 3,000,000 BRIA
Coins generation Algorithm: PoS
Algorithm of encryption, processing of transactions
and partial generation: Scrypt
POW Premine: 1 %
Generating block: 1 min.
Annual return: from 3 %
Minimum fee P2P transactions: 0.0001 BRIA
High anonymity
Additional "stealth" addressing
Platform smart contracts
Built-in wallet messenger
BriaCoin provides a unique dual algorithm of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Scrypt, which is used only for transaction processing. Proof of share or amount. This allows you to generate more coins, provided that the deposit is kept intact for 7 days.

To start generating coins, it is necessary that the coins are untouched on the wallet for 7 days. The block reward varies in proportion to complexity. Difficulty increases with each block. Generated coins must receive 120 confirmations before they can be spent. These coins must also be “recovered” for 7 days in order to participate in further PoS generation.

PoS mining is quite easy to use and does not require large computer resources. Fixed remuneration for participation in equity financing. Income 3% per annum. Commissions depending on the time of participation. To start mining new coins using PoS, you need to purchase a certain amount of BriaCoin from the available exchanges or get coins as part of the marketing of the BriaStorm business network. A coin is mined by time and quantity.

Hardcore mining based on the Sсrypt algorithm. All commissions go to miners. Miners process all network transactions, while not generating new coins. Mining is possible on processor resources, video cards and ASIC devices that support Scrypt. Mining is a quick processing of network transactions. The entire commission from transfers is always owned by the miners, while the generation of coins occurs only by the PoS algorithm.


Before the 100000 Scrypt block is in the network, miners receive all transaction processing fees. From block 100,000 to block 200,000 reward PoW miners. 5 BRIA for the found block + transaction fee. From a block of 200,000 to a block of 300,000 reward PoW miners. 2.5 BRIA for the found block + transaction fee. From block 300,000 to block 400,000 reward PoW miners. 1 BRIA for the found block + transaction fee. From block 400,000 to block 500,000 reward PoW miners. 0.5 BRIA for the found block + transaction fee. From block 500,000 to block 1,000,000 PoW miners reward. 0.2 BRIA for the found block + transaction fee.

PoW mining is complete!

With the millionth block, the PoW miners reward is only a transaction fee ( mining to support fast network operation ).

Found a millionth block in the blockchain of the BriaCoin network!

The profitability of PoS mining is from 3% to 10% per year of the total amount of coins in the wallet. The more power, the greater the income and the likelihood of finding a block.




Own masternode with fast-growing liquidity. High yield from 1% to 18% per day. The percentage of node revenue depends on the difficulty level of IPoS mining (Invest Proof of Stake is an analogue of paramining). The complexity calculation formula is based on the total number of active nodes and the ZH cash rate. All node operation processes are regulated by a smart contract. There are 7 types of master nodes . The non-decreasing steak (balance) of the master node is 100,000 ZH.


Step 1. Get the ZH wallet address. Download and install a universal wallet (single for Windows, MacOS and Linux), or use the ZH web wallet.

Step 2. Log in or Register in briastorm.com account

Step 3. Log in to your briastorm.com account, replenish your account balance (your deposit account) with briacoins and GET A BONUS + 30% TO THE DEPOSIT AMOUNT AT BRIA CONVERSION IN USD!

Step 4. In this step, you must be logged in to your Briastorm account. Buy ZH cash in the market . ZH are sold in packages of 1000 coins. Add the required number of packages (coins) to the basket and click the green button (or link) "View basket". Next, click the green button "Check and write out". Next, in the comments field, specify the address of your ZH wallet for the delivery of coins, select the delivery method (BRIA Logistics) and click the green "Pay" button. At this step, enter the purchase amount (which is indicated on this page) in the wallet field. The first field is a deposit wallet. The second field is a profitable wallet (for which you receive income through an affiliate program), you can also pay for purchases in the market from it. As the last step, click on the blue "Pay" button. ZH cash coins will be sent to your wallet within 24 hours.

Step 5. Activate the contract .

Step 6. Activate masternode .



Version release date 1/02/2019 for Windows users
Android Version 2.0 release date 9/07/2019

Instructions for updating the Android version
1. Launch the old wallet.
2. We go into the settings and write the recovery letter code.
3. Delete the old wallet.
4. We put a new wallet.
5. When starting a new wallet, we choose to restore the wallet, enter the letter code from the old one.


Source code for compiling a wallet (GitHub)

The Briacoin wallet version for iOS users (iPads, iPhones) is being developed.

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