New hybrid PoW/PoS crypto currency
Reliable crypto-unit provided with a limited issue and the real turnover of infrastructure.
Instant and secure P2P transaction.
BriaCoin differs from many crypto currency. Than you ask …

We proclaimed the concept of “MAN-BANK”, where each member of the Bria-community receives a reward for the transaction, without generating any new coins.

More transactions – More Network – More commission – Higher rate

Briacoin provides a dual algorithm of operation Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof of a share or a sum, the coin is lengthened by time and quantity. PoS generation of new coins is easy to use and does not require large computer resources. The second algorithm in the network is Scrypt, which provides fast processing of transactions. BriaCoin can be mined using processors resources, videocards and ASIC miners Scrypt algorithm compatible, while the generation of new coins provides only PoS. Hardware miners take the commission from processing of transactions, without creating new coins.

Briacoin is built on the principle of “hard” currency, the number of coins is limited to 3,000,000 pieces, and PoW is the first to launch the PoS algorithm only 1% and is 30,000 coins, some of which are allocated for primary emissions, the launch of the PoS algorithm, maintenance of the main nodes , The operation of its own platform of smart contracts, the conduct of Bounty and Ico campaigns.

To participate in the further Poi generation of Briacoin, you need to purchase some quantity of Briacoin c available for exchanges or get coins under Marketing business of the Briastorm network. The received coins should be on the balance of the owner within 7 days and receive 120 confirmations of the Network.

In 2017, the Bounty campaign is launched and ICO is being prepared for the coin according to the Roadmap of the project, which will soon be published on this site.
Briastorm – the innovative ad network of products and services based on blockchain technology, which Briacoin is the provision of smart contracts, has an active community and a well-developed infrastructure.

Briacoin is the equivalent of the obligations of the participants Smart contracts and provided the real cash going, through an ad Network

Briacoin has limited emissions and the potential for rapid growth due to the growth of the advertising network and the unique algorithms sewn into marketing, referring to the class of low-risk digital assets.

BriaCoin works with a variety of services and projects. Exchange crypto currency. Auto-trading robots like Bitcoin Profit app Deutschland can be used for exchanging crypto currencies like Bitcoins. Payment system. Advertising services. SMO/SMM promotion service in social networks and job exchange with payment in Briacoins. Social network with payment for activity by the Briacoins. Own platform of smart contracts based on the blockchain network BriaCoin. The coin is provided with smart contracts and commodity turnover with smart marketing. Simialry the autiomation process is applied to cryptocurrency trading as well. The automation technology uses a powerful algorithm and artificial intelligence that drive the robot to execute the crypto trade autonomously. The Brexit millionaire app 2021 is a standing example that is backed by this powerful automation technology. The app monitors the crypto market 24/7 and is completely aware of the happenings in the market. So, it can effectively predict the price movements.
Open data blockchain network:
Crypto-currency: BriaCoin [BRIA]
Founder: BRIASTORM tm
Year of Foundation: 07.12.2016
The maximum number of coins: 3,000,000 BRIA
Coins generation Algorithm: PoS
Algorithm of encryption, processing of transactions
and partial generation: Scrypt
POW Premine: 1 %
Generating block: 1 min.
Annual return: from 3 %
Minimum fee P2P transactions: 0.0001 BRIA
High anonymity
Additional “stealth” addressing
Platform smart contracts
BriaCoin provides a unique dual algorithm for Proof-of-stake (PoS) and Scrypt, which is used only for transaction processing. Proof of share or summ amount. This allows you to generate more coins if you keep the deposit intact for 7 days.

The award for the block is changed in proportion to the complexity. The difficulty increases with each unit. Generated coins need to get 120 confirmations before they can be spent. These coins also have to “rest up” for 7 days to participate in the future of PoS generation.

PoS mining is pretty simple to use and does not require large computer resources. Fixed remuneration for participation in the equity financing. Income of from 3% per annum. Commissions depending on the time of participation. To start mining new coins with PoS, you need to purchase a number of BriaCoin c available Exchanges or to obtain coins within the marketing business of the network BriaStorm. The coin is under the influence of time and quantity.

Hardwarning based on the Scrypt algorithm. All commissions go to the miners. Miners process all network transactions, without generating new coins. Mining is possible on processor resources, video cards and ASIC devices that support Scrypt. Mining is the rapid processing of network transactions. The entire commission from transfers is always owned by the miners, and this generation of coins occurs only by the PoS algorithm.


Prior to the 100 000 Scrypt block on the network, the miners receive all commissions for processing transactions.

From block 100 000 to block 200 000 award PoW miners
5 BRIA for the found block + commission for conducting transactions.

With a block of 200 000 for a block of 300 000, the award of PoW Miners
2.5 BRIA for the found block + commission for conducting transactions.

With a block of 300 000 by block 400 000, the award of PoW Miners
1 BRIA for the found block + commission for conducting transactions.

With a block of 400 000 for a block of 500 000 award PoW miners
0.5 BRIA for the found block + commission for conducting transactions.

With a block of 500 000 for a block of 1 000 000 award PoW miners
0.2 BRIA for the found block + commission for conducting transactions.

With a block of 1 000 000 award PoW Miners only commission for conducting transactions.

The first Briacoin mining pool was opened.



Soon complete information on the Bounty campaign
will be received and the launch will take start.


Version 0.7.5 dated 7/02/2018

Virus scan
MD5: B6E8B248E124B9797F3EC1DF9B3799DD

Soon a stable version of the wallet for UNIX/LINUX will be released!

Exchange of cryptocurrency

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Exchange offices

Web wallet -
Automatic purchase / sale of Briacoin for Advcash (Bitcoin, Payeer, Exmo).
Web-purse for storing coins. Instant automated input and output Briacoin.
To enroll or send coins, you need 10 network confirmations.

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